Transit Advertising Features

Regarding Transit Advertising of Tokyo

Tokyo's Transit advertising is able to provide a high quality approach that is not possible with other media, to a wide demographic range, which includes age, gender, and occupation.

Presentations on digital media such as video and still images on LCD, media mix coupled with social media and others are more effective in Tokyo metropolitan area where people are concentrated at daytime, and various new advertisement presentation approaches can be expected in the future.

Tokyo Metro's railway network in central Tokyo, including many important areas that are used by so many people that its advertising media can be said to have a high encounter rate.

We introduce here the characteristics of the transit advertising in Japan and the data and area property of Tokyo Metro.

Transit Advertising Characteristics

Media with high encounter rate and far reaching
Media with High Encounter Rate and Far Reaching
In Tokyo, railway is the main means used to get around when commuting to work, school, or just going out. Transit advertising using media inside railway stations and trains are communication medias that have reliable contact opportunity in the daily life activities of the city dwellers.
Target selection is possible
Target Selection Is Possible
With transit advertising, the client can not only choose the stations and lines from the area they will cover, but they can also filter the target according to the station and line user characteristics and thus efficient and effective solicitation in corresponding to the purpose of the advertisement is possible.
Excels in repeated solicitation
Excels in Repeated Solicitation
Many business people and students take the railway around the same time daily and can encounter the advertisement repeatedly during the period it is on display and leaving a lasting impression thereby raising recognition.
Customers encounter ads close to the place of purchase
Customers Encounter Ads Close to the Place of Purchase
Transit advertising is one of the media that is seen right before shopping when a person goes out. Since the customer encounters it somewhere close to "selling areas" such as the shops in a station or facilities near the station, it is easy to directly influence the consumer's actions and it is possible for it to lead to actual purchases.
Naturally eye-catching
Naturally Eye-catching
Due to the fact that transit advertising is a medium that customers encounter in a limited and confined space, such as the inside of a station and train, it is different from smartphones, magazines and newspapers which a person can control their viewing, and the advertisement is effective by being naturally eye-catching
There is information ripple effect by word of mouth
There Is Information Ripple Effect by Word of Mouth
Advertisements with a strong impact and campaigns with unique set up can spread widely as a topic in a short time through word of mouth even when displayed in a limited area or period of time because people access SNS from mobile terminals which have strong compatibility with transit advertising.