Tokyo Metro Advertising

Complying with Our Client's Various Goals in Advertising

Tokyo Metro advertising media can solicit to a total of 6.84 million of varied users on 9 lines with 179 stations.

Many corporations utilize it for product introduction, service and campaign announcements, and catering to client's various purposes is possible.

The 3 Types of Metro Advertising Media

Digital Media

Digital Media

Digital media displaying videos and still images on LCDs are getting a lot of attention recently that have high impact and visibility.

They are installed in many places ranging from inside the trains to the platforms and concourse of the stations, and clients can select from numerous lineups to meet thier advertising requirements.

Train Media

Train Media

Due to the fact that customers encounter Tokyo Metro's media in the underground space, they are easily visible and it is possible to appeal to customers repeatedly during their day to day routine, such as while commuting to work and school. Media such as the "Posters hung inside the trains" and the "train reserved for advertising" can be expected to raise recognition and leave a lasting impression.

Station Media

Station Media

Station media directly linked to consumption behavior of the station users can be expected to have strong effect on product sales promotions. Using available media such as "posters inside stations," "large sized boards" and others, it is possible to display advertisements based on the environment surrounding the station.

Available Advertisement Locations




Please contact us regarding the purpose of the advertisement, its content, period, budget, etc.



Please select from the proposed media plan that satisfies your requirements.


Confirmation of Available Advertising Space

We will contact you when we have confirmed there is advertising space available.


Design Production

Please proceed with the design production in accordance with the size of the media on which it will be displayed.



Please submit the design plan before producing the advertising material for an inspection of the design and expression.


Advertising Material Production

Please proceed with the production of the advertising material according to the size and specifications of the media on which it will be displayed.



Please deliver the produced advertising material to our company by the due date.



Distribution is done by our employees or a qualified company, depending on the media.